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Pelosi: "Validation" Of Romney
Will "Take Us To A Period
Before Lyndon Johnson"
Real Clear Politics, by Ian Schwartz    Original Article
Posted By: Scottyboy- 10/10/2012 8:10:58 AM     Post Reply
In an interview with former Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D-Mich.) on her Current TV show, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Cali) declared President Obama will win the election in November. The former Speaker of the House went as far to say speculating otherwise is "remote." The optimistic Pelosi also warned what a Romney presidency or Republican controlled Senate may look like and cautioned the party would "take us to a period before Lyndon Johnson." "This is a realm of speculation that is so remote," Pelosi said about the prospect of Romney winning.

Hooded pair who were in rioting
gang which fired gun at police
helicopter are jailed for
a total of 64 years
Daily Mail [UK], by Jill Reilly    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 10/10/2012 7:56:23 AM     Post Reply
Two men who were part of a gang which shot at a police helicopter as well as officers on the ground during last year’s riots have been jailed. Beniha Laing, 29, and Wesley Gray, 27, organised a mob which fired at the West Midlands Police helicopter after luring officers to the scene by firebombing a pub. They used violence that began in London after the police shooting of Mark Duggan and then flared around the country as an excuse to target police officers in a deliberate attempt to destroy the aircraft. The violence erupted in Birmingham when officers were

Worrying news for Israel:
the future of its 'Iron Dome'
missile defence system is at risk
Telegraph [UK], by Jake Wallis Simons    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 10/10/2012 7:46:50 AM     Post Reply
In March 2011, Israel’s Iron Dome missile interception system was deployed, after four years in the making. The intention was to form a protective canopy over the country, rendering its population centres as impregnable as possible to attacks from short-range artillery and rockets. But now, to the gall of many Israelis, the future of the system has been thrown into doubt. In terms of size, Israel is roughly comparable to Wales. This, together with the close proximity of a host of hostile neighbours, means that millions of Israelis live within easy range of artillery attack. During the Lebanon War



A Look at Chuck Todd and
Conspiratorial Media Incest
RedState.com, by Erick Erickson    Original Article
Posted By: Oblio- 10/10/2012 7:45:43 AM     Post Reply
I got a great laugh out of this Chuck Todd near meltdown on Meet the Depressed the other day. His voice quivered in moral outrage over Jack Welch suggesting something was up with the unemployment numbers last Friday. Chuck Todd proclaimed, “What we’re doing, we’re corroding trust in our government in a way, and one time responsible people are doing to control it. And the idea that Donald Trump and Jack Welch, rich people with crazy conspiracy, can get traction on this, is a bad trend.”

Is the Government at last seeing
sense on wind farms?
Telegraph [UK], by James Delingpole    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 10/10/2012 7:38:29 AM     Post Reply
Too little too late, is the verdict of the brilliant Allister Heath on the Tories' near-non-existent recovery strategy. I'm 90 per cent with him. Like Allister, I believe that the Tory high command simply doesn't understand what radical action needs to be taken if there is to be any kind of meaningful economic recovery. (I loved the must-listen Jamie Whyte documentary on BBC Radio 4's Analysis programme the other night which showed that even the supposedly red-meat, new breed of Tory such as Matthew Hancock and Andrea Leadsom doesn't believe in the free market) We are still on the edge

State Dept. description of
attack in sync with GOP
Associated Press, by LARRY MARGASAK and BRADLEY KLAPPER    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 10/10/2012 7:25:07 AM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON -- The State Department now says it never believed the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, was a film protest gone awry, giving congressional Republicans new fodder for criticizing the Obama administration's initial accounts of the assault.The State Department's extraordinary break with other administration offices came in a department briefing Tuesday, where officials said "others" in the executive branch concluded initially that the protest was based, like others in the Middle East, on a film that ridiculed the Prophet Muhammad

Number of Protestant Americans
Is in Steep Decline, Study Finds
New York Times, by Laurie Goodstein    Original Article
Posted By: jeffreyabigail- 10/10/2012 6:57:48 AM     Post Reply
For the first time since researchers began tracking the religious identity of Americans, fewer than half said they were Protestants, a steep decline from 40 years ago when Protestant churches claimed the loyalty of more than two-thirds of the population. A new study released on Tuesday by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life found that it was not just liberal mainline Protestants, like Methodists or Episcopalians, who abandoned their faith, but also more conservative evangelical and “born again” Protestants.



As Romney Repeats Trade Message,
Bain Maintains China Ties
New York Times, by By Sharon LaFraniere and Mike McIntire    Original Article
Posted By: jeffreyabigail- 10/10/2012 6:39:51 AM     Post Reply
The tale of Asimco Technologies, an auto parts manufacturer whose plants dot eastern China, would seem to underscore Mitt Romney’s campaign-trail complaint that China’s manufacturing juggernaut is costing America jobs. Nine years ago, the company bought two camshaft factories that employed about 500 people in Michigan. By 2007 both were shut down.

Time to Investigate the
Bureau of Labor Statistics
American Spectator, by Peter Ferrara    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 10/10/2012 6:14:34 AM     Post Reply
Who needs the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), when you have Rush Limbaugh? Limbaugh predicted almost a year ago that the unemployment rate reported last Friday would fall below 8% for the first time since Obama entered office. Limbaugh by his own admission is no economist. So how did he know? Maybe because we are in the realm of politics now, rather than economics. How Stupid Do They Think We Are? The BLS reported last Friday that the economy in September created all of 114,000 net new jobs, just 104,000 in the private sector.

Biden’s Mission Impossible: Stop
Obama Freefall With Ryan Debate
Daily Beast, by David Freedlander    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 10/10/2012 6:00:14 AM     Post Reply
A few months ago, Thursday’s vice-presidential debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden had all the anticipation of a Meet the Press face-off between James Carville and Mary Matalin: high-profile surrogates to the campaign slinging mud and talking points with little chance of shifting an election whose results seemed increasingly clear. But a bumbling President Obama at last week’s debate has breathed new life into the Romney campaign and turned the Ryan-Biden debate into Slugfest, Part II. “The vice-presidential debate can stop the freefall of the incumbent,” said Kathleen Hall Jamieson, director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg Center

Mitt Romney rides new wave of
popularity as poll numbers surge
Telegraph [UK], by Jon Swaine    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 10/10/2012 5:53:12 AM     Post Reply
The Republican challenger, who had trailed Mr Obama for months, won sharp swings in support thanks to his victory last week in the contest's first televised debate, according to three nationwide polls. He led the President by four percentage points nationwide, according to Pew, a non-partisan organisation, which had Mr Obama leading by eight points in mid-September. (Snip)Introducing their father in Iowa yesterday, Josh, the 36-year-old middle son, risked angering the Obama campaign by saying that as boys the brothers had shown him "how to debate an obstinate child."



Big Bird, Small President
Wall Street Journal, by Editorial    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 10/10/2012 5:47:48 AM     Post Reply
Having been routed in the first debate, President Obama has found a comeback strategy: Fly Big Bird. Specifically, mock Mitt Romney's call to cut federal subsidies for the millionaires at the Sesame Workshop and pledge to defend the Public Broadcasting Service no matter how much money the Treasury has to borrow. At least he's finally discovered a second-term agenda. On Monday night in San Francisco, Mr. Obama claimed Mr. Romney "said he'd bring down our deficit by going after what has been the biggest driver of our debt and deficits over the last decade—public television, PBS. You didn't know this,

When Will Obama
Respond to Benghazi Attack?
Commentary Magazine, by Alana Goodman    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 10/10/2012 5:41:37 AM     Post Reply
Libya’s prime minister-elect Mustafa Abushagur — who was voted in on Sept. 12 — was removed in a no-confidence vote on Sunday. As the Washington Post reports, this could mean further delays for the FBI investigation into the Benghazi attack: The decision by Libya’s legislature means that the government may remain without permanent, democratically-elected leadership for many weeks. But without a government in place, the investigation into the attacks that killed U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans may be a low priority for Libyans.

The liberal media
loved Obama to death
Washington Examiner [DC], by Noemie Emery    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 10/10/2012 5:36:54 AM     Post Reply
It was in Denver one week ago that the long-running romance between Barack Obama and the national press -- aka the "Slobbering Love Affair," as Bernard Goldberg put it -- hit the wall. The motel bill, unpaid these many long months and ages, at long last came due. It had been the real thing, not a commonplace fling with your generic Democrat, but the love of a lifetime, the genuine article, the sum of all dreams: He was not just a Democrat, he was also a liberal. He was not just a liberal, he also biracial,

Fake Indian has a lot more
ghosts in the cupboard
Boston Herald, by Howie Carr    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 10/10/2012 5:32:00 AM     Post Reply
Hey, Scott Brown, it’s time to start pulling back a little on the fake-Indian attacks on the fake Indian. By now, everybody understands that Granny Warren is a fraud. The best argument the moonbats can come up with is that if she thinks she’s an Indian, who are we to say she’s not an Indian? Does this “evolving paradigm” also apply to Irish and Italian guys so fed up with being passed over for promotions that they are now allowed to “check the box” as blacks or Mexicans? No, I didn’t think so.



Warren: Blue-Collar Champion or Not?
National Review Online, by Betsy Woodruff    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 10/10/2012 5:25:44 AM     Post Reply
The most famously questionable part of the Elizabeth Warren mythos is her purported Cherokee heritage. (Insert your favorite Fauxcahontas joke here.) But there are other parts of the Warren oeuvre that are equally debatable; if Scott Brown’s camp has its way, Warren’s honesty will take another hit, and the story of Liz the People’s Champion will be as suspect as the Sacajawarren saga. The freshman senator has a lot to work with. From allegedly practicing law without a license to fighting for huge corporations, the various chapters in Warren’s populist narrative don’t always stand up to scrutiny.

Bin Laden is Dead, Al Qaeda is Alive
Washington Free Beacon, by Adam Kredo    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 10/10/2012 5:21:01 AM     Post Reply
President Barack Obama’s campaign continues to claim that it has “decimated” al Qaeda, the world’s most notorious terror group, despite increasing evidence the group is expanding and despite an al Qaeda attack that left four Americans, including an ambassador, dead. On Monday, team Obama hailed what they claim is the president’s successful eradication of al Qaeda. “Obama’s national security record—ending the Iraq war, decimating al Qaeda, restoring our standing abroad,” stated a message sent from the Obama campaign’s official Twitter account. Senior Obama administration officials have made similar statements in the weeks since militants

Al Gore No Longer
Investing in Green Tech
National Review Online, by Greg Pollowitz    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 10/10/2012 5:17:46 AM     Post Reply
Via The Street. Why does Al Gore hate America’s green-tech industry and love China and Bain Capital? When Al Gore talks, people listen. Just ask the folks who hand out Academy Awards and Nobel Peace Prizes. Al Gore also talks to investors. Since 2007, the former Vice President in Bill Clinton’s administration has been preaching the benefits of putting your money where his mouth is: Alternative energy. But if Al Gore has any message for investors today, it might very well be this: “Stay the hell away from alternative energy!”

The creep show
New York Post, by Andrea Peyser    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 10/10/2012 5:10:58 AM     Post Reply
Delusional Jerry Sandusky strolled into the courtroom yesterday as if it were the Penn State locker room after a gridiron victory — not to be sentenced for grooming, seducing and raping boys who worshipped his miserable hide like a rock star. In red jail scrubs and an infuriating smirk, Sandusky blew a kiss to his idiot wife, then, in front of three of his victims, delivered a statement that sounded like a sadistic bowl-game pep talk. “This was the worst loss of my life but not the first,’’ said the former Penn State assistant football coach and remorseless monster.

How Big Bird Just Made the Debate
Even More Daunting for Biden
Weekly Standard, by Mark Hemingway    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 10/10/2012 5:07:02 AM     Post Reply
The reviews are in from the Obama campaign's ad attempting to make Big Bird a campaign issue this morning, and ouch. Naturally, the Romney campaign has blasted out a smattering of headlines and damning tweets about it from reporters. Even the liberal blog Firedoglake ran with "Obama Ad About Big Bird Cannot Find One Prominent Wall Street Criminal Prosecuted By Administration." As strategic miscalculations go, the ad is pretty devastating because it answers the big question that emerged from wreckage of last week's miserable performance: Why was Obama's performance so bad?


Why political moods matter
Washington Post, by E.J. Dionne, Jr.    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 10/10/2012 4:52:16 AM     Post Reply
Politics watchers are understandably fixated on the polls after the first presidential debate and the difficulty of measuring the size of Mitt Romney’s bounce. Romney clearly made gains, but the polls disagree on how big it was, and on whether the bounce has ended. Personally, I am suspending judgment about the extent to which the debate helped Romney until we see a full round of polling from Ohio. The first Ohio polls contain positive news for Romney. But his most important achievement cannot be measured by polls. What he did was change the political mood — of the media coverage,

Romney abortion comment
draws Democratic criticism
CNN, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 10/10/2012 4:46:52 AM     Post Reply
Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said in a Tuesday interview with an Iowa newspaper that he has no abortion-related legislation on his platform - although as president, he would reinstate through administrative means a policy banning nongovernmental organizations from using federal funds to provide abortions. "There's no legislation with regards to abortion that I'm familiar with that would become part of my agenda," Romney said in an interview with The Des Moines Register. The candidate said he would reinstate the so-called Mexico City Policy through administrative means, according to the newspaper.

CEOThreatens to Fire Employees
If Obama Is Reelected
and Raises Taxes
NewsBusters, by Noel Sheppard    Original Article
Posted By: geoguy- 10/10/2012 4:45:44 AM     Post Reply
David Siegel, the founder and CEO of real estate company Westgate Resorts on Monday threatened to fire some employees if Barack Obama is reelected and carries out his plan to raise taxes on the so-called rich. (Snip) "You see, I can no longer support a system that penalizes the productive and gives to the unproductive."

The Only Mad Hatter
in the Room
American Thinker, by Jeffery Folks    Original Article
Posted By: DW626- 10/10/2012 4:44:06 AM     Post Reply
One symptom of madness is the tendency to view oneself as superhuman. Superheroes believe that they should not have to run for re-election; after all, they are entitled to it. They don't hold press conferences at which unvetted journalists are allowed to ask real questions. Unlike truly great presidents who believe the American people have a rendez-vous with destiny, superheroes believe they have one. They are so above it all that they don't have to prep for debates. They expect to win by default.

Hey, how come Jay Carney’s
not holding televised
press briefings anymore?
Hot Air, by Allahpundit    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 10/10/2012 4:38:04 AM     Post Reply
Good catch by the Standard. Carney’s held gaggles with reporters recently, but gaggles are inferior for reasons Daniel Halper explains at the link. According to the White House website, there’s been no full-fledged “face the nation”-style televised press briefing in more than two weeks. How come? Can’t be that Carney’s busy with campaign stuff. As surreal as it may sound, he technically works for you and me as an employee of the executive branch, not for Team Hopenchange. Why isn’t our press secretary out in front fielding questions about the day’s news?

Obama's Failed Narrative
Reason Magazine, by Peter Suderman    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 10/10/2012 4:29:24 AM     Post Reply
Did Barack Obama ruin politics? Or did politics ruin Barack Obama? At this point, most Americans have made up their minds about the president one way or another. But even for people who think they know who the man in the Oval Office really is, it’s easy to forget who he once was. Before running for political office, Barack Obama was a stubborn dreamer with a literary bent. Mostly he dreamed of living a better life story, even if that meant scrubbing away the blemishes of reality. Part of his appeal was the way he emerged from adversity unsullied.

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