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Election 2012: Florida President
Rasmussen Reports, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Maryland_Patriot- 10/5/2012 3:36:38 PM     Post Reply
Mitt Romney now has swung back into the lead in the first post-debate survey of the presidential race in Florida. The latest Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey of Florida Likely Voters shows Romney with 49% of the vote to Obama’s 47%. Three percent (3%) are undecided at this point.

Election 2012: Virginia President
Rasmussen Reports, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Maryland_Patriot- 10/5/2012 3:34:58 PM     Post Reply
Virginia remains a nail-biter in the first post-debate survey of the key battleground state, with Mitt Romney edging slightly ahead. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Virginia Voters, taken last night, shows Romney earning 49% support to Obama’s 48%. Three percent (3%) remain undecided.

Chávez: "We feel blessed by
God with this rain"
El Universal [Caracas, Venezuela], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 10/5/2012 3:34:01 PM     Post Reply
Venezuela's President and candidate for reelection, Hugo Chávez, finished his electoral campaign with a rally on Bolívar Avenue, downtown Caracas, before the October 7 presidential election. He delivered a 32-minute speech in which he underscored the message he has delivered in his previous campaign events: that he is the candidate for the future and that "the life of Venezuela is at stake." Under the rain, Chávez said: "We have been bathed with the holly water of the St Francis' downpour. We feel blessed by God with this rain. It is the prelude of what is going to happen on Sunday.



Ohio poll: Romney leads 51-48
among those certain to vote
Washington Examiner, by Paul Bedard    Original Article
Posted By: Maryland_Patriot- 10/5/2012 3:28:41 PM     Post Reply
The first post-presidential debate poll in critical Ohio shows that Mitt Romney blunted President Obama's momentum with his winning performance and is now leading the president among Ohioans who say that they are "certain" to vote. Overall, the race is deadlocked with Obama over Romney 50 percent to 49 percent, according a new Rasmussen Reports poll taken Thursday night. But among the stunning 92 percent of likely voters in the state who say that they are certain to go to the polls on Election Day, Romney leads 51 percent to 48 percent.

Romney gets post-debate bounce
in Fla., Ohio, Va.
Washington Times, by David Hill    Original Article
Posted By: Maryland_Patriot- 10/5/2012 3:25:02 PM     Post Reply
Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's widely-acknowledged victory in Wednesday's presidential debate has helped him to draw even or slightly ahead in several key swing states, according to polls released Friday. A poll by We Ask America found Mr. Romney leading President Obama by 3 percentage points in Florida and Virginia and by 1 point in Ohio, after polls have consistently shown the president leading over the past month. The firm conducted a previous poll two weeks ago that showed Mr. Obama with 3-point leads in Florida and Virginia.

Drop in unemployment
may be misleading
MarketWatch, by Jeffry Bartash    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 10/5/2012 3:21:10 PM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON — Say what? Did the U.S. unemployment rate really sink in September despite a mediocre increase in hiring? It sure did, but the report takes some explaining. Sit up and grab a cup of coffee. The monthly employment release is really two reports in one. First, there is the “establishment” survey. (Snip) That’s the so-called household survey. Assuming no change in the size of the labor force, the unemployment rate falls when more people in households say they have a job. The rate rises when fewer people do. In September, the household survey showed a whopping 873,000 increase

TheDC Opinion: Big Bird can
make it rain on his own
Daily Caller, by Taylor Bigler    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 10/5/2012 3:18:31 PM     Post Reply
Big Bird is a billionaire. A Warren Buffett, Eric Schmidt, Steve Jobs billionaire, which is pretty impressive considering that he is not a real person but rather a giant, yellow bird (which is a kind of terrifying concept if you actually think about it for a second.) Advocates for continued federal funding of the Public Broadcasting Service got their undies in a twist Wednesday night when GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said that he would cut funding to the beloved TV station to reduce the national deficit. (Snip) “Sesame Street” is a multimillion dollar industry, even without any taxpayer funding.



D.C. mandates health insurance
market for businesses
Washington Examiner, by Liz Farmer    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 10/5/2012 3:16:41 PM     Post Reply
A board has required D.C. small businesses and individual buyers to purchase health insurance through the newly minted health exchange, and though it's unclear whether the regulations require D.C. Council approval to take effect, members said Thursday that they apply to any company that has an office in the District with 50 or fewer employees. "If you have a business license here in the District of Columbia, then you participate through the exchange," said Dr. Mohammad Akhter, chairman of the D.C. Health Benefit Exchange board. A spokeswoman later clarified that those companies did

Richard Branson: US
War on Drugs 'Racist'
Breitbart's Big Journalism, by Warner Todd Huston    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 10/5/2012 3:14:26 PM     Post Reply
On Wednesday, while reacting to the death of an American border agent, Sir Richard Branson told Reuters that the American War on Drugs is not only a failure, it is also "racist." Speaking at the offices of the Metro Newspaper in New York where he was acting as a "global guest editor," Branson said that he was part of a commission that spent two years looking at the war on drugs and they came to the conclusion that it is "patently obvious it's failed."

Friday prayers end in
riots on Temple Mount
Jerusalem Post [Israel], by Melanie Lidman    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 10/5/2012 3:08:45 PM     Post Reply
Riots broke out on the Temple Mount on Friday afternoon as hundreds of Muslim worshipers threw stones at police officers, following a week of confrontations between right-wing Jews and Muslims on the site. Police arrested 14 Jews and Arabs during the past week, including Likud activist Moshe Feiglin, for various incidents involving violence and refusing to obey police officers. Towards the end of Friday prayers, hundreds of Muslim worshipers streamed out of the mosque and started throwing stones at the soldiers and border police, according to Jerusalem deputy police spokesman Shlomit Bajshi.

CBO makes it offficial — Obama
broke deficit pledge
Washington Examiner [DC], by Philip Klein    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 10/5/2012 3:07:28 PM     Post Reply
The Congressional Budget Office on Friday reported that the federal government ran a $1.1 trillion deficit in fiscal year 2012, making it official that President Obama broke his promise to cut the deficit in half within his first term in office. On Feb. 23, 2009 (a month into his presidency) Obama convened a “fiscal responsibility summit” in the White House, and declared, “[T]oday, I’m pledging to cut the deficit we inherited in half by the end of my first term in office. Now, this will not be easy. It will require us to make difficult decisions and face challenges



Warning: Stock correction
may be coming
CNN Money, by HIbah Yousuf    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 10/5/2012 3:06:14 PM     Post Reply
U.S. stocks have rallied nearly 15% since the start of June, and one expert said that means the market is ripe for a pullback. "We've just come too far, too fast," said Sean Clark, chief investment officer of Clark Capital Management Group in Philadelphia, who expects stocks to pullback between 5% and 10% during the next month, leading up to the election. "We think it's time to take some money off the table." Most of the gains during the summer were driven by speculation that the world's central banks would intervene and take new steps to stimulate the global economy.

The sickly, stagnant
September jobs report
American Enterprise Institute, by James Pethokoukis    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 10/5/2012 2:52:35 PM     Post Reply
Is this the Obama October Surprise? Only in an era of depressingly diminished expectations could the September jobs report be called a good one. It really isn’t. Not at all. 1. Yes, the U-3 unemployment rate fell to 7.8%, the first time it has been below 8% since January 2009. But that’s only due to a flood of 582,000 part-time jobs. (Snip) And take-home pay? Over the past 12 months, average hourly earnings have risen by just 1.8 percent. When you take inflation into account, wages are flat to down. 3. The broader U-6 rate — which takes into account

Blinded U.S. soldier blasts
Obama for Omar Khadr's
transfer from Guantanamo
Canadian Press, by Colin Perkel    Original Article
Posted By: Scottyboy- 10/5/2012 2:48:50 PM     Post Reply
TORONTO - The transfer of Omar Khadr to Canada from Guantanamo Bay has infuriated a former American soldier partly blinded in the firefight in which the badly wounded Canadian teenager was captured. The move has also prompted hundreds of Canadians to open their wallets on behalf of the family of the U.S. soldier Khadr pleaded guilty to killing during the July 2002 battle in Afghanistan. In an interview with The Canadian Press, former sergeant Layne Morris denounced Khadr, 26, as a "horrific security risk," and blasted the American government.

$4 gas: Get used to it
Fortune, by Leah McGrath Goodman    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 10/5/2012 2:46:12 PM     Post Reply
President Obama may have a lot more to worry about than bombing the debate this week. Traders are starting to get particularly bullish over gasoline prices – and that is bad news for the average driver, who may also be looking to vent his spleen at the voting booth. Reports of gas shortages along the high-demand west and east coasts may be fleeting – although deeply concerning – but they highlight a problem that's expected to persist in the U.S.: our refineries are getting old. Given that a new refinery has not been built since 1976, commodities desks on Wall



Jobs Report Met with Skepticism
Weekly Standard, by Daniel Halper    Original Article
Posted By: James Beam- 10/5/2012 2:42:30 PM     Post Reply
This morning's jobs report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is being met with skepticism. The report found that, from August to September, the unemployment rate dropped from just above 8 percent to 7.8 percent. In fact, when Labor Secretary Hilda Solis appeared on CNBC this morning, the first two questions for her were whether the books have been cooked.

Blame Obama’s Lousy
Debate on John Kerry!
Daily Beast, by Matt Latimer    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 10/5/2012 2:41:53 PM     Post Reply
If you did not watch Wednesday night’s presidential debate, here’s how bad it was: the Democrats are now looking to Joe Biden to turn things around. Yes, the latest Mitt Romney was one of the best models his technicians have produced yet, free from technical glitches and referencing real Americans he’d met on the campaign trail so often you’d think he might actually remember them. (Snip) But the real problem last night was, of course, Barack Obama—who looked like he was still sitting in a room somewhere listening to a John Kerry monologue.

Possibility of Obama Tax-Hikes
Fuels Fear of New Recession
Chicago Daily Observer, by Brian Wesbury    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 10/5/2012 2:40:28 PM     Post Reply
Economic forecasting was relatively easy from the end of World War II until the middle of the prior decade. Most of the time, you could just focus on monetary policy. When the federal funds rate was much lower than the growth of nominal GDP – real GDP growth plus inflation – then the Federal Reserve was too loose and nominal GDP growth would go up. When the Fed kept the funds rate above nominal GDP growth, it was tight and nominal GDP growth would slow, raising recession risk and reducing inflation.But then came the last recession, which had nothing to

Venezuela's Chavez ‘Likely’
to Lose, Supporting Bonds,
Barclays Says
Bloomberg News, by Ye Xie    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 10/5/2012 2:37:58 PM     Post Reply
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will “likely” lose this weekend’s election, sparking a bond rally, Barclays Plc said after a poll showed opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski widened his lead. Capriles’s lead grew to almost 5 percentage points in a poll by Consultores 21, with 51.8 percent of Venezuelans who said they’re sure to vote saying they support the opposition candidate, the Caracas-based polling company said yesterday. Chavez had the support of 47.2 percent. The poll of 1,546 people taken between Sept. 27 and Oct. 2 had a margin of error of 2.5 percentage points.

Polls show Romney making
headway in swing states
The Hill [Washington, DC], by Justin Sink & Jonathan Easley    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 10/5/2012 2:33:58 PM     Post Reply
A set of new swing-state polls show Mitt Romney making big gains in three critical battleground states just two days after the Republican nominee's widely-heralded debate performance. The polls — from conservative-leaning Rasmussen and We Ask America — showed Romney closing the gap or leading in Ohio, Florida and Virginia, three states the GOP candidate would likely need to capture to win the White House. And they represent a dramatic reversal from last week, where polls showed President Obama with a commanding lead. In Ohio, the We Ask America poll gave Romney a 47-46 percent edge over the president, while


Michelle Obama is first
to wear dress from new
Jason Wu diffusion line -
three months before it hits stores
Daily Mail (UK), by Olivia Fleming    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 10/5/2012 2:33:18 PM     Post Reply
It is a dress Jackie Kennedy could have worn 60 years earlier, from its pastel tone to the Sixties sensibility. But far from reaching into the past, Michelle Obama's dusty green shift is from Jason Wu's yet-to-be released contemporary label, Miss Wu, which doesn’t hit stores until January 2013. The First Lady was photographed in the brand new collection's 'modern weave dress' at a campaign event in Cincinnati, Ohio - which she paired with a cropped cardigan and a statement necklace. Mrs Obama has long been a vocal supporter of Jason Wu,

Obama touts jobs
report in NoVa
Washington Examiner, by Brian Hughes    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 10/5/2012 2:30:35 PM     Post Reply
President Obama made the short trek from the White House to Northern Virginia Friday to champion a new jobs report, calling the recent dip in joblessness “a reminder that this country has come too far to turn back now.” The unemployment rate fell to 7.8 percent last month, representing the lowest such figure since Obama took office, delivering the Democrat a badly needed economic boost one month before the election. “This morning, we found out that the employment rate has fallen to its lowest level since I took office,” he told a crowd at George Mason University.

Romney Says Jobs Report
Doesn’t Reflect ‘Real Reality’
ABC News, by Emily Friedman    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 10/5/2012 2:29:13 PM     Post Reply
Abington, Va. - Mitt Romney challenged the significance of the drop in the unemployment rate today, arguing that the “real reality” is that the figure declined because “more and more people have just stopped looking for work.” “There was a report that just came out this morning on job creation this last month,” said Romney at a rally in the battleground state of Virginia. “There were fewer new jobs created this month than last month. And the unemployment rate as you noted this year has come down very, very slowly, but it’s come down nonetheless.” “The reason it’s come down

It’s Jim Lehrer’s turn
to respond to the debate
Washington Post, by Paul Farhi    Original Article
Posted By: Drive- 10/5/2012 2:28:29 PM     Post Reply
Jim Lehrer has a few words in response for those who thought he let President Obama and Mitt Romney ramble on and roll over him in Wednesday’s presidential debate: “So what?” The veteran PBS newsman, who was persuaded by the Presidential Debate Commission to moderate his 12th debate — the last one he’ll do, he vows — says the event wasn’t about “control” or the strict enforcement of rules. It was about producing a sharp discussion and substantive contrast between the candidates. Besides, he says, few people seemed to understand that the new format,

Rosenberg: I Don't Believe In
Conspiracy Theories, But I Don't
Believe In Today's Jobs Report Either
Business Insider, by Mamta Badkar    Original Article
Posted By: Photoonist- 10/5/2012 2:24:57 PM     Post Reply
Headline numbers from today's jobs report looked great. Unemployment fell to 7.8 percent, non-farm payrolls came in line with expectations, and last month's number was revised up. This prompted some to claim the numbers were made up. President Obama said, "this morning we found out that the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest rate since I took office." (Snip) Here are Rosenberg's key takeaways: The headline 114K non-farm payrolls figure is half of the +200K norm on payrolls. Only half of the over eight million jobs lost in the Great Recession have been regained, three years after the recession

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