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Sunday, May 24, 2015



Dogton Abbey

House Cats of
Hudson County

The Grand
Budapets Hotel

Sen. Sessions explains Obamatrade in key Senate speech
Senator Sessions takes the time to explain why Obamatrade (TPP)
would be very bad bill. GOP didn't listen. Now it's up to the house.
Drudge rips GOP leadership: ‘Night of the Republican suicide’
Our Republican leadership must have thought that "Euthanasia"
was a new Disney film.
What’s Behind Big Science Frauds?
Remember those that can't do anything...teach? Well, they
learned how to copy grant forms.
What Hillary said in her lucrative speeches remains a mystery
As far as anything Hillary does, that's what she intended.
And, the check to clear.
Clinton emails ignored growing crisis of anti-Western
violence in Libya

Maybe Hillary will go from saying "ARB" (Accountability
Review Board) to "ARGH" when they find the missing emails.
N.S.A. and Other Matters Leave McConnell’s Senate in Disarray
McConnell acts like a man traumatized by walking into the new
gender-neutral restroom during a recess.
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ISIS Jihadi Bride Estimates
Michelle Obama’s Worth
as ‘Slave Girl’ at $40
Breitbart News, by Mary Chastain    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 5/24/2015 1:16:14 AM     Post Reply
The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) has published an article in the latest issue of its magazine, Dabiq, by jihadi bride Umm Summayyah, estimating that First Lady Michelle Obama is only worth $40 on the terrorist group’s slave market. Summayyah also defends the rape of thousands of Yazidi females. The article, titled “Slave Girls or Prostitutes,” justifies the horrific actions inflicted upon the females ISIS kidnaps as they spread their caliphate through Iraq and Syria. She also promised to bring this lavish slave market to the West. “I swear by Allah, O you who feign to be knowledgeable and shout with falsehood

Currency tumbles as
Venezuelans look to unload bolivars
Associated Press, by Hannah Dreier    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 5/24/2015 12:55:56 AM     Post Reply
CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuelans are dumping their rapidly-depreciating currency at a quicker pace, leading to a staggering plunge in its free-market value, as the crisis-plagued economy edges closer to an outbreak of hyperinflation. DolarToday, a widely followed website that tracks exchanges made near the Colombian border, reported Friday that the bolivar had lost a quarter of its value over the last seven days. Everyone in smartphone-obsessed Caracas seemed to learn of the crash at the same time as the DolarToday app, a ubiquitous tool in the South American country, sent out a series of messages announcing the new rates under the headline

Sen. Sessions explains Obamatrade
in key Senate speech
American Thinker, by Howard Richman    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 5/24/2015 12:00:39 AM     Post Reply
Senator Sessions’s floor speech against Obamatrade on Friday could go down as one of the most important Senate speeches ever. Already it is getting rave reviews: Rush Limbaugh hailed it (Odds are Obamatrade screws America): “Jeff Sessions had a massive op-ed piece and floor speech in the Senate about this.” Michelle Malkin gushed: “I wish that Sen. Jeff Sessions would run for president, because I would sign up in a heartbeat.” Democratic Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon set the stage for Sessions’s speech by lauding Obamatrade as “the most progressive trade policy in our country’s history” because it regulates much more



Denver Memorial Day Parade
canceled, tribute planned
KUSA-TV 9News [Denver], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: BaseballFan- 5/23/2015 11:48:24 PM     Post Reply
DENVER - For the first time in 85 years, Denver will not have a Memorial Day parade. However, there is a tribute planned. The ceremony, in its 16th year, happens at POF Hall on Sherman Street, just south of the Capitol, at 10 a.m. Saturday. The names of Colorado´s fallen from the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars will be read aloud. Service members killed in other wars will be remembered with a wreath laying. The Denver parade was canceled this year because of differences between the City and County of Denver and the Denver United Veterans Council. The Denver UVC said

Clinton emails ignored growing crisis
of anti-Western violence in Libya
Washington Examiner [DC], by Byron York    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 5/23/2015 11:15:14 PM     Post Reply
After Friday´s release of Hillary Clinton´s secret emails related to Libya, the Wall Street Journal ran a story headlined, "Emails Show Clinton Was Warned Over Security in Benghazi Ahead of Attack." The headline oversold the story. The only warnings about Benghazi security in the emails are from April and June of 2011, more than a year before the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack, along with one brief mention in an email from February 2012, seven months before. The thing is, the Clinton emails just don´t have much in them about the violence that would ultimately lead to the Benghazi attacks,

What Hillary said in her lucrative
speeches remains a mystery
Politico, by Adam B. Lerner    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 5/23/2015 10:49:12 PM     Post Reply
As a speaker paid by the internet firm, Salesforce.com, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had nothing but praise in 2014 for the cloud computing company and its innovative CEO Marc Benihoff, a Democratic Party bundler and big supporter of the Clinton Foundation, according to a pirated video of the session posted on YouTube. Hiring Hillary was a way to get a noted public official with clear 2016 presidential ambitions to hold court with company officials and tout its accomplishments. As the video shows, Clinton praised Salesforce for its generous philanthropy, including donations to the Clinton family foundation, and said

How Grades 6-12 get robbed
in federal education funding
Washington Post, by Valerie Strauss    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 5/23/2015 10:44:41 PM     Post Reply
This graphic comes from a new report by the Alliance for Excellent Education called “Why ESEA Must Fill the Missing Middle,” a reference to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, which, in its current version is known as No Child Left Behind, and is now being rewritten by Congress. The report shows how federal funding is concentrated in the early years and in college — and gives “paltry” sums to middle and high school in comparison to early childhood, elementary schools and post-secondary education. The report notes that several programs designed to boost student achievement in high school have been



Fiorina: Clinton ´must not be president´
The Hill [Washington, DC], by Mark Hensch    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 5/23/2015 9:33:23 PM     Post Reply
GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina on Saturday accused President Obama and his former secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, of poorly representing America’s interests on the world stage. “The world is a dangerous and tragic place when America is not leading,” Fiorina told the crowd at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City. “Nowhere is leadership more important now than in the world.” The former CEO of Hewlett-Packard said Obama was on the verge of “terrible deal” with Iran, in which he "has violated every rule of good negotiation.” She added that her experience managing a multinational

What’s Behind Big Science Frauds?
New York Times, by Adam Marcus & Ivan Oransky    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 5/23/2015 9:19:54 PM     Post Reply
In December, Science published a paper claiming that people could change their minds about same-sex marriage after talking for just 20 minutes with a gay person. It seemed too good to be true — and it was. On Wednesday, the journal distanced itself from the study, after its accuracy was disputed, (Snip) News organizations, which had reported on the study, scrambled to correct the record. Retractions can be good things, since even scientists often fail to acknowledge their mistakes, preferring instead to allow erroneous findings simply to wither away in the back alleys of unreproducible literature.

Hillary Clinton to Hold Fund-Raiser
Hosted by Spitzer’s Ex-Wife
New York Times, by Maggie Haberman    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 5/23/2015 8:55:50 PM     Post Reply
Hillary Rodham Clinton will hold a string of fund-raisers on June 1, including one hosted by the ex-wife of Eliot Spitzer, the former governor of New York who resigned amid scandal in 2008. (Snip) Some of Mrs. Clinton’s allies still recall with frustration the Democratic presidential primary debate in October 2007 in Philadelphia, when she stumbled over a question about a plan by Mr. Spitzer to allow driver’s licenses for unauthorized immigrants. That stumble was seen as contributing to her downward spiral in the polls. Mr. O’Malley has frequently talked about his support for such driver’s licenses.

´No peace dividend´
for Panama border force
BBC News, by Vanessa Buschschluter    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 5/23/2015 8:14:58 PM     Post Reply
La Union, Panama - "Peace is not a bad thing, but it´s unlikely to solve our problems," says Director of Panama´s Border Police, Frank Abrego. He is referring to the prospect of a peace deal between the Colombian government and left-wing rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc). Most of Panama´s security problems originate south of its border, in Colombia. Colombia is one of the world´s top three producers of coca, the raw ingredient of cocaine, and huge amounts of it are smuggled from Colombia to the United States. Panama, Colombia's northern neighbour, is often the first stop for those smuggling the drug



Downtown Cleveland streets blocked
as protesters march on Justice
Center after Brelo verdict
5 News ABC (Cleveland OH), by Colleen Seitz    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 5/23/2015 6:04:06 PM     Post Reply
CLEVELAND - Protesters gathered at Cudell Recreation Center Saturday afternoon, the site where 12-year-old Tamir Rice was shot and killed by Cleveland police in November. Just after 2 p.m. the protesters marched from downtown to the west side. Traffic on the Shoreway had to be redirected. They then moved on to Detroit Road and on to Cudell. Protesters moved throughout the afternoon on the Shoreway, West 6th Street, Public Square, East 4th Street, the Detroit Superior Bridge and back to the Shoreway. There were a string of Cleveland police cars lined up outside the Justice Center with lights on and

Ben Carson Wins SRLC Straw Poll
Daily Caller (DC), by Kerry Picket    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 5/23/2015 4:52:30 PM     Post Reply
Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson topped the SRLC 2015 straw poll results Saturday with 25 percent attendee support. Carson bested Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker who came in second by 5 percent and beat Texas Sen. Ted Cruz who came in third by almost 9 percent. Below are the final numbers: (Chart) Ohio Gov. John Kasich received 0.2 percent, while former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore received 0.0 percent. Walker received the lion’s share of support from Oklahomans, while Carson received the most support from Texas and Arkansas. Carson was also the most popular with Tea Party voters.

N.S.A. and Other Matters Leave
McConnell’s Senate in Disarray
New York Times, by Jennifer Steinhauer & Jonathan Weisman    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 5/23/2015 4:26:21 PM     Post Reply
Washington - The sleepy United States senators thought they were done voting. But then, around 1 a.m. on the Saturday before Memorial Day, Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky and presidential candidate, marched spryly to the Senate floor to let it be known that, no, he would not agree to extend the federal government’s bulk collection of phone records program. Not even for one day. With that, Senator Mitch McConnell, a fellow Kentucky Republican who only a few hours before was ebullient with the passage of a major trade package, was reduced to ordering his colleagues back to Washington next

ISIS Is Torturing, Enslaving, And
Murdering Women At A “Staggering”
Rate, U.N. Official Says
BuzzFeed News, by David Mack    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 5/23/2015 4:08:32 PM     Post Reply
The militant group ISIS is committing a “staggering array of atrocities” against women as it captures more territory in Iraq and Syria, according to a senior U.N. official tasked with investigating sexual violence in conflict. Women in ISIS strongholds are routinely raped, tortured, enslaved, and murdered by the Islamic extremists, who have made the brutalization of females a central element of their ideology, according to Zainab Hawa Bangura. The U.N’s Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict this week spoke with Middle East Eye about her recent tour of refugee camps across the region, where she interviewed



Drudge rips GOP leadership:
‘Night of the Republican suicide’
Washington Times, by Kellan Howell    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 5/23/2015 3:49:53 PM     Post Reply
Media giant Matt Drudge blasted Republican leadership on Twitter Friday night after the GOP-led Senate approved a new free trade bill. “Twisted DC: Electing Republicans is guarantee of More powers for Obama… of course none of them read ‘secret’ bill!” Mr. Drudge tweeted. The Drudge Report founder slammed House Speaker John Boehner who expressed support for the bill after it passed the Senate. “Disrespect for voters is staggering. Boehner will not make public ‘most important’ trade deal in history? Hides behind ‘classified’ status..,” Mr. Drudge tweeted. “Boehner: We have to pass the bill so that you can

Al Sharpton’s daughter told
not to delete hiking pics prior
to $5M NYC ankle injury lawsuit
Washington Times, by Kellan Howell    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 5/23/2015 3:42:48 PM     Post Reply
New York City lawyers have ordered Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter Dominique not to delete Instagram photos of her recent hiking trip in Indonesia. Ms. Sharpton has filed a $5 million lawsuit against the city for “permanent” injuries she claims are attributable to falling on an uneven sidewalk. The city Law Department sent Ms. Sharpton a letter telling her to preserve all of the evidence posted on her social-media accounts, the New York Post reported Saturday. Ms. Sharpton, 28, filed a lawsuit suing the city for $5 million on May 7 claiming that she will never fully recover from a sprained ankle she suffered when she tripped on an

Man burned in blast making
hash oil sues butane businesses
Associated Press, by Tim Fought    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 5/23/2015 3:30:47 PM     Post Reply
PORTLAND, Ore. - An Oregon medical marijuana patient who was badly burned in an explosion while he was legally using butane as a solvent to make hash oil is suing the makers and sellers of the fuel. Kevin Tveisme, 28, of Portland, was injured in 2013 when his furnace clicked on, igniting butane vapor. The explosion destroyed his garage and injured a friend, Joseph Westom, who died 18 days later. (Snip) Although the butane canisters had a “flammable” marking, the lawsuit says, the butane should have come with stickers and instructional brochures specifically warning of the volatility of the butane’s

Hm: All 15 Charter School
Applicants Rejected in NY
Townhall, by Courtney O´Brien    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 5/23/2015 3:21:52 PM     Post Reply
Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) recently proposed the Parental Choice in Education Act as a way to provide more opportunity for parents in choosing which schools would be the best fit for their children. The legislation would use $70 million in taxpayer money to create an education tax credit for families making $60,000 or less. Parents who qualify could receive up to $500 in a tax credit or refund for each student attending a private school. Among other benefits, it would also encourage more private school scholarships. "This is about fairness and this is about parents choosing the school that is right

Record-Setting Alligator Makes
Its Public Debut
ABC News, by David Chiu    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 5/23/2015 3:15:49 PM     Post Reply
The alligator that set a world record was ready for its close-up. The Stokes alligator, which measures 15 feet and 9 inches, was unveiled Friday in its full-body mount at the Mann Wildlife Learning Museum in Montgomery, Alabama, Al.com reports. It eclipsed the previous mark set by Keith Fancher´s 14-foot, 2-inch, 838-pound find. The creature -- which weighed more than 1,000 pounds -- was caught on August 14, 2014, from Mill Creek by Mandy Stokes, her husband John Stokes, brother-in-law Kevin Jenkins and his children Savannah and Parker. The gator´s age at the time of death was between 24 and


Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson on
Michael Brelo verdict: ´This is a
moment that will define us
as a city´
Plain Dealer (Cleveland OH), by Henry J. Gomez    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 5/23/2015 1:58:38 PM     Post Reply
CLEVELAND, Ohio- Mayor Frank Jackson and Police Chief Calvin Williams asked for calm Saturday following the not guilty verdict in the case of Officer Michael Brelo. "Today´s verdict is a verdict that will have long lasting-effect, not only in our community but in communities throughout our country," Jackson said during an afternoon news conference at Public Auditorium. "This is a moment that will define us as a city and define us as a people as we move forward." The mayor added: "Actions that cross the line cannot and will not be tolerated." Earlier Saturday, Cuyahoga Common Pleas Judge John P.

Ireland becomes first nation
to legalize same-sex marriage
CNN, by Laura Smith-Spark and Phil Black    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 5/23/2015 1:50:18 PM     Post Reply
Dublin, Ireland -Same-sex couples will soon be able to walk down the aisle in the Emerald Isle. Ireland became the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage through a popular vote on Saturday -- and what a popular vote "yes" was in the landmark referendum that will change the nation´s constitution. With votes tallied from nearly all of Ireland´s 43 parliamentary constituencies, the measure will sail through with more than 60% of voters approving, according to official results. Roscommon-South Leitrim, a rural section in the middle of the country, was the lone constituency not to approve the measure. More

10 historical facts about Memorial Day
KSDK-TV, St. Louis, Mo, by Allison Sylte    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 5/23/2015 1:36:35 PM     Post Reply
ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Here are 10 fast facts about Memorial Day, a holiday honoring American soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country: • Even though numerous communities had been independently celebrating Memorial Day for years, the federal government declared Waterloo, N.Y. the official birthplace of Memorial Day. Waterloo first celebrated the holiday on May 5, 1866. • Memorial Day was celebrated on May 30 for decades, but in 1971, Congress established Memorial Day as the last Monday in May and a federal holiday. • Memorial Day originally honored military personnel who died in the Civil War (1861-1865).•

NSA bulk phone records collection to
end despite USA Freedom Act failure
Guardian [UK], by Spencer Ackerman    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 5/23/2015 1:13:35 PM     Post Reply
New York - Even as the Senate remains at an impasse over the future of US domestic surveillance powers, the National Security Agency will be legally unable to collect US phone records in bulk by the time Congress returns from its Memorial Day vacation. The administration, as suggested in a memo it sent Congress on Wednesday, declined to ask a secret surveillance court for another 90-day extension of the order necessary to collect US phone metadata in bulk. The filing deadline was Friday, hours before the Senate failed to come to terms on a bill that would have formally repealed the NSA domestic surveillance

Isis actively recruiting in
Afghanistan, says US general
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: LittleHoodedMonk- 5/23/2015 1:07:14 PM     Post Reply
Kabul - The commander of international forces in Afghanistan said on Saturday that the Islamic State group is actively recruiting in the country, but is not yet operational there. General John F Campbell said the group’s sophisticated social-media campaign was attracting Taliban fighters based in Afghanistan and Pakistan disgruntled with the lack of progress in more than 10 years of fighting to overthrow the Kabul government. As a result, many were pledging allegiance to Isis, which controls about a third of Syria and Iraq, Campbell told reporters. “We don’t want it to continue to grow,” he said,

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