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Sunday, December 04, 2016


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Authorities prepared for up to 40 death
in Oakland warehouse fire

Horrible. Authorities may have worse news by morning.
10-Alarm Fire in Cambridge, Massachusetts,
Multiple Buildings Involved

The third huge fire this week.
Is there something we don't know?
Trump is mapping out his plan to put ‘America first’
Trump's exuberant "thank you" speech holds the clues.
Comey’s FBI Needs to Investigate
Violent Democratic Tantrums

There's a big story here if the MSM
isn't too weepy to go get it.
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The State Department and
The Secretary of State…
Conservative Tree House, by Sundance    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/4/2016 5:06:09 PM     Post Reply
I have been reluctant to engage in speculation over potential Secretary of State candidates because the discussion therein is fraught with far too many nuances to outline succinctly without walking ourselves through a mine-field almost too complex to digest. Suffice to say, anyone who has followed politics for any substantive amount of time knows the inherent issue with an operational entity, The U.S. State Department, whose entire mission has been at the epicenter of ctrl-left globalist advocacy. (Photo) One small example would be the Rivkin Project. Imagine how challenging it would be to take an organizational model, built over decades,

Less than half of U.S. hotels have Bibles in
rooms - but Trump bucks downtrend by offering
´all´ religious texts at new D.C. outpost
Daily Mail (UK), by Sadie Whitelocks    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/4/2016 4:54:20 PM     Post Reply
Hotel Bibles are on the brink of extinction a new survey suggests, as modern amenities such as WiFi take priority. According to new research, just 46 per cent of hotel rooms in the U.S. feature religious materials, less than half of what it was a decade ago. In comparison, 98 per cent of rooms now have wireless internet, up from 82 per cent ten years ago. (Photo) High definition or flat screen TVs are now in 88 per cent of U.S. rooms and there is also more emphasis on healthy living, with 85 per cent of hotels offering free fitness

¡Viva La Revolución! Jeep Carrying
Fidel Castro Ashes Breaks Down Mid-Funeral
Breitbart News, by Joel B. Pollak    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 12/4/2016 4:48:21 PM     Post Reply
The Russian-made jeep carrying the ashes of the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro broke down in the middle of his funeral procession on Saturday, forcing soldiers to push the vehicle until it could be repaired. Nearly every major news website buried the news, though it was perfectly symbolic of the Cuban regime’s economic failures, and those of socialism in general. Fox News reported: The breakdown of the jeep in the midst of adoring crowds chanting “Long live Fidel!” was symbolic of the dual nature of Castro’s Cuba. While his legacy inspires fierce adulation by many of the nation’s citizens, others continue to grumble



Breaking: Dakota protesters WIN their bid to
stop pipeline being built through Standing Rock
Daily Mail (UK), by Louise Boyle    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/4/2016 4:44:07 PM     Post Reply
The Dakota Access Pipeline will not go ahead at the Standing Rock Indian reservation, it was announced Sunday. Cheyenne river Sioux Tribal Council chairman Harold Frazier told DailyMail.com that he was ´shocked´ by the news, which he´d received from Jo-Ellen Darcy, US Army Corps of engineers. The camp erupted into cheers as the news was announced. Faith Spotted Eagle, an elder of the Ihanktonwan tribe, said: ´The easement has been denied. We have all come to this gathering being hosted by Mother Earth. I love you all.´ Shailene Woodley told a huge crowd: ´We feel so honored to have been

Niners bench Colin Kaepernick in fourth quarter
NFL.com, by Andie Hagemann    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 12/4/2016 4:38:14 PM     Post Reply
Trailing by 22 points to the Chicago Bears in the fourth quarter, the San Francisco 49ers opted to bench starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Blaine Gabbert took over at quarterback for the Niners and played the rest of the way in the 26-6 loss. Kaepernick, who finished the day 1 of 5 with four yards passing, entered the game at full strength and fresh off last week´s 296-yard performance. Over his last four games (not including Week 13 vs. Bears), he´s 86 of 145 for 1,110 yards with eight TDs and two interceptions. As NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport noted Sunday morning, Kaepernick

30 Bodies Recovered in Oakland
Warehouse Fire; Search Continues
ABC News, by Michael Edison Hayden & Dean Schabner    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 12/4/2016 3:50:10 PM     Post Reply
Searchers have recovered 30 bodies from a fire-ravaged warehouse in Oakland, California, that housed artist studios and was hosting a dance party when the deadly blaze broke out, officials said today. Sgt. Ray Kelly of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office warned that he anticipates that "the number of victims will rise" from a fire officials say may be the deadliest ever in Oakland. The search effort is expected to last for days, he said. (Snip)Oakland officials said they had opened an investigation into the warehouse last month, after repeated complaints from neighbors who said trash was piling up and people were illegally living in the building, which was zoned as a warehouse.

Chuck Todd: Media criticism is a
´crutch´ for Trump´s administration
Washington Examiner, by Gabby Morrongiello    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/4/2016 2:01:55 PM     Post Reply
NBC News anchor Chuck Todd accused Vice President-elect Mike Pence and others involved with the incoming administration of using Americans´ distrust in the media "as a crutch" whenever they encounter tough questions. Todd´s charge came during a fiery exchange on Sunday about President-elect Trump´s recent deal with Carrier, during which he asked Pence if giving tax incentives to the air-conditioning company to prevent 1,100 jobs from being moved to Mexico constituted government intervention "in the private sector." "No, no. What happened here —" Pence began to respond. "Why is this is not government intervening in the private sector?" Todd asked



Mike Pence and Kellyanne Conway
downplay The Donald´s conversation
with Taiwan´s president saying it was ´
just a phone call´ and a ´courtesy´
Daily Mail [UK], by Nikki Schwab    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 12/4/2016 1:41:15 PM     Post Reply
Vice President-elect Mike Pence and top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway were on message this morning when talking about President-elect Donald Trump´s controversial call with the president of Taiwan. ´Well, I think the conversation that happened this week with the president in Taiwan was a courtesy call,´ the vice president-elect said on ´Meet the Press.´ ´It was just a phone call at this point,´ Conway echoed during an interview with Chris Wallace on ´Fox News Sunday.´ Trump turned heads on Friday when he accepted a call from Tsai Ing-wen, who he referred to on Twitter as the ´President of Taiwan,´ hinting to the world

7 top RINO moments of the week
Conservative Review, by Daniel Horowitz    Original Article
Posted By: 198ml- 12/4/2016 1:17:40 PM     Post Reply
One of the excuses for Republicans failing to promote a conservative agenda is that “outside organizations” have unrealistic expectations of what they can accomplish when they are out of power. That excuse comes to an end in January when Donald Trump is sworn into office with a Republican-controlled House and Senate. However, based on what we’re seeing from the lame-duck session, it is clear that the dearth of conservatism is not due to a lack of power but a lack of will. The alacrity of Republicans to promote mediocre or liberal priorities in a lame-duck session with Obama as president instead

The new age of propaganda
American Thinker, by Clarice Feldman    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/4/2016 1:03:10 PM     Post Reply
The video embedded below of a TED talk by Sharyl Attkisson deserves to be viewed by American Thinker readers. In it she discusses astroturf groups, the fake grass roots movements funded from above in order to influence media coverage of a political issue. It is a bit over 10 minutes, not an outrageous investment of your time compared to the valuable information it provides. (Video)

Chicago pledges $1 million fund to protect
‘anxious’ immigrants from Trump deportations
Washington Times, by Andrew Blake    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/4/2016 12:57:19 PM     Post Reply
Chicago will use $1 million leftover from a tax rebate program to defend immigrants there from any deportation efforts undertaken by President-elect Donald Trump, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office said Friday. “Chicago has a proud history of diversity and inclusion, and my administration will do everything in our power to ensure that immigrants remain safe, secure and supported,” Mr. Emanuel, a Democrat, said in a statement Friday. “Because the election has created anxiety and uncertainty, we’ve created a legal fund to help ensure immigrants and refugees have access to legal guidance,” the statement said. In partnership with the National Immigrant Protection Center,



Former Utah Governor, Jon Huntsman Jr.,
in running for Secretary of State, according
to Trump transition source
CNN Wire, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 12/4/2016 12:37:36 PM     Post Reply
WASHINGTON — Donald Trump is now considering more than four people for secretary of state, including former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman Jr., senior adviser Kellyanne Conway said Sunday. “It is true that he’s broadened the search and secretary of state is an incredibly important position for any president to fill,” Conway told reporters Sunday morning in the Trump Tower lobby. “He continues to talk to different people. I think you’ve all seen the list of four that already existed,” Conway said. “This week we’ll have additional interviews with other candidates for secretary of state and other cabinet positions and deputy cabinet positions

Top Mexican says Trump
´telling truth´ about saving jobs
Washington Examiner, by Paul Bedard    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 12/4/2016 12:30:08 PM     Post Reply
A top Mexican economic development official, who shrugged off President-elect Trump´s campaign promise to stop U.S jobs from going to Mexico, says the Republican is "telling the truth" now that Carrier and Ford have squelched plans to ship jobs south. "Mr. President Trump is telling the truth. I don´t know if it is correct or not correct, but he is telling the truth," said Jaime Garcia Astorga, secretary of economic development of Santa Catarina in the state of Nuevo Leon. "And he is making the thing that he has promised." He was interviewed on CNBC.

Petraeus admits he didn´t
vote for Trump or Clinton
Washington Examiner, by Gabby Morrongiello    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 12/4/2016 12:25:53 PM     Post Reply
Retired Army Gen. David Petraeus, who is vying for the top diplomatic post in the next administration, said Sunday he did not cast a ballot in last month´s presidential election. "I don´t vote, so that´s an easy answer," Petraeus told ABC News when asked if he backed President-elect Trump in his campaign against defeated Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. "I also did not support him nor did I oppose him. Nor did I support or oppose any other candidate," said the former CIA director. "I´ve truly tried to be apolitical, nonpolitical," Petraeus added.

American football could fall like the gladiators of ancient Rome
The New York Post, by Mary Pilon    Original Article
Posted By: trixlette- 12/4/2016 12:25:10 PM     Post Reply
When I called my father back home in Oregon on a recent Sunday, he rattled off his thoughts about the election, the health of his two dogs and queries about holiday plans. But, as the child of a sports-loving house (Go, Ducks!), I was most surprised by what my dad wasn’t talking about on Sunday — football.



24 Bodies Recovered in Oakland
Warehouse Fire; Search 20 Percent Complete
ABC News, by Dean Schabner    Original Article
Posted By: NorthernDog- 12/4/2016 12:22:15 PM     Post Reply
Searchers have recovered 24 bodies from the Oakland, California, warehouse where a fire broke out Friday night during a party, officials said today. Crews have only been able to search 20 percent of the building, so it is still feared that the death count could go much higher, according to officials. The Oakland Fire Department responded to reports of a structure fire on 31st Avenue at around 11:32 p.m. on Friday night. Oakland Fire Chief Teresa Deloach Reed said the warehouse appears to be a work and residential building that hosts a makeshift artists´ studio. It´s unclear if the building

Massive Voter Fraud Uncovered! Donald Trump Won Election By More Than We Thought!
USA Politics Today, by Alexander Warren    Original Article
Posted By: southron- 12/4/2016 12:19:50 PM     Post Reply
Another day, another Hillary Clinton scandal. It appears that Hillary Clinton did actually try to rig the election, but she couldn’t even do that right. There has been massive voter fraud discovered in Nevada.

Outrage! VA Workers in Oklahoma Resign After
Veteran Is Found With Maggots In His Wound
Gateway Pundit, by Jim Hoft    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/4/2016 12:18:26 PM     Post Reply
Trump’s presidency can’t get started soon enough, especially when it comes to our veterans. The ongoing mistreatment of vets under this administration has been a national disgrace. Four employees at a facility for veterans in Oklahoma have resigned from their jobs over a resident in their care who was found with maggots in his wound. Tulsa World reported: Four resign from Talihina veterans center after resident found with maggots in wound- Four staff members at the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs Talihina facility have resigned after a resident who later died was found with maggots in a wound, the agency

At 46 Years, EPA Will See
HUGE Changes Under Trump
Daily Caller, by Michael Bastasch    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 12/4/2016 12:15:59 PM     Post Reply
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) began operating 46 years ago after former President Richard Nixon proposed it as a way to address mounting pollution concerns across the country. EPA celebrated its 46th anniversary Friday, just weeks before President-elect Donald Trump likely takes the agency in a totally different direction compared to the last eight years under President Barack Obama, focusing on clean air and quality instead of global warming. Not only is Trump looking to roll back Obama-era regulations, the incoming administration reportedly has plans to fundamentally reform major decades-old environmental laws: The Clean Air Act and the Clean Water

Dem Rep Ellison: House Democrats Will
Do Nothing But ‘Vote No’ Under Trump
Daily Caller, by Peter Hasson    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 12/4/2016 12:11:27 PM     Post Reply
Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison, widely considered a frontrunner to be the next Democratic National Committee chair, says House Democrats will do nothing but “vote no” in the coming years under the new Trump administration. Ellison, who has faced questions over whether he can juggle both working in Congress and rebuilding a depleted Democratic Party, defended himself at a party meeting on Friday by suggesting that working as a Democratic congressman won’t require much effort. “I’m in the process of deciding this issue of whether I can perform both roles,” Ellison said, according to the New York Times. Referring to his work


Trump Base Still Expanding –
Blue Collar Workers Optimistic…
Conservative Tree House, by Sundance    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/4/2016 12:04:37 PM     Post Reply
As the Democrat Party continues to debate how to regain their relevance, the Trump coalition continues to grow even after the election. Donald Trump’s political influence as a businessman, now President-elect, exists in that rare authentic space where traditional politicians have consistently failed. Not only is Trump completely reshaping the republican party, more importantly he’s establishing a coalition that will overwhelm any DC opposition in the short-term, and make any political opposition futile in the long-term. Legendary winning! INDIANAPOLIS — Steeling himself against the cold outside the Carrier air-conditioning plant on Thursday, Brian Dyson is ecstatic. “Look, when Trump came

Putin: Trump is smart, will soon be
aware of different level of responsibility
RT News [Russia], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: PageTurner- 12/4/2016 12:03:25 PM     Post Reply
Donald Trump’s business success means that he’s is a smart man who will quickly adapt to his new role as president, Russian Vladimir Putin said. “The fact that Trump managed to achieve success in business, suggests that he is a smart man,” Putin said in an interview with Russia’s NTV channel. “And as he is smart, that means he will fully and quite quickly be aware of a different level of responsibility. We assume that he will be acting this way,” he added. Vladimir Putin also touched upon the current geopolitical situation, saying that he could see it changing, as

At Walter Reed: NYT Hailed Obama’s ‘Sacred
Duty’ to Troops, But Bush Staged Photo Op
NewsBusters, by Clay Waters    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 12/4/2016 12:01:04 PM     Post Reply
Presidential visits to wounded soldiers at Walter Reed should be non-political events worthy of non-partisan coverage, but the New York Times manages to shows its colors even in those solemn moments. In the half-page “Obama’s Sacred Duty: Visiting the Wounded -- Trips to Walter Reed Take Toll and Inspire” for Wednesday’s edition, reporter Gardiner Harris brought a somber, emotional, personalized tone to the proceedings. President Obama stood outside the room, rubbed sanitizer on his hands, set his face into a smile and knocked on the door. No one answered. He looked at the hospital floor, polished to a sheen, and

‘There’s Not a Chance in the World’:
Chris Wallace Battles Jill Stein Over
Recount Changing Results
Mediaite, by Justin Baragona    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 12/4/2016 12:00:27 PM     Post Reply
Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace engaged in a pretty combative exchange today while discussing Stein’s recount efforts, with Wallace trying to get Stein to admit that there have been no recounts that have switched tens of thousands of votes. The interview started with Wallace wanting to know why Stein hadn’t requested a recount in New Hampshire even though Hillary Clinton carried that state by a much more narrow margin than the three states she did request recounts in. Stein explained that it was because the deadline had passed for New Hampshire. After Stein noted

‘Hitting the Media is Always a
Crutch For You Guys’: Chuck Todd
Pushes Back Against Mike Pence
Mediaite, by Justin Baragona    Original Article
Posted By: KarenJ1- 12/4/2016 11:54:55 AM     Post Reply
Towards the end of his interview with Vice-President-elect Mike Pence, Meet the Press host Chuck Todd wouldn’t let Pence’s swipe at the media pass without getting in a shot of his own. (Snip) After Pence claimed that “a thousand Hoosiers have certainty in their jobs and in their futures going into this Christmas season because of the leadership of Donald Trump,” Todd responded by saying “700 don’t.” This led to the VP-elect slamming the media as always being negative and seeing the “glass as half-empty.” “It’s not about the media,” the MTP host exclaimed. “Hitting the media is always a crutch

´Catch her, trap her and thank her´:
SNL turns Hillary into Bigfoot lurking
in the woods of upstate New York
in hilarious ´Hunt for Hill´ sketch
Daily Mail [UK], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 12/4/2016 11:52:36 AM     Post Reply
Hillary Clinton´s transformation from speech-giving political megastar to forest-bound hermit has been turned into a hilarious SNL skit. One of the Democrat´s few media appearances since she lost to Trump came in mid-November, when a fan supposedly met her by chance in the woods near her Chappaqua, NY home and took a photo for Facebook. Now SNL has taken that idea to the next level with Saturday´s ´The Hunt for Hill´ sketch, which saw Kate McKinnon´s Clinton pursued, Bigfoot-like, through the woods by a pair of legend-seeking hunters. The hunters - played by SNL regulars Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney - start out

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