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Saturday, October 25, 2014



Dogton Abbey

House Cats of
Hudson County

Valerie Jarrett Helped Manage Fallout Over Eric Holder´s
Changing Fast and Furious Testimony to Congress

More bombshells to come as Fast and Furious scam unfurls.
Many Bellevue staffers take ‘sick’ day
after Ebola patient arrives

So much for health care professionals having all the facts.
HazMat team empties Ebola doctor´s apartment
WITHOUT gloves, face masks or any protective gear

New York Gov. and the city's silly mayor are
totally screwing up Ebola response.
The Lone-Wolf Canard
Fast learners know, Islam is not a religion it is a cult.
Foley Family to White House:
You Saved Bergdahl. Why Not Our Son?

And what's Obama's problem with Marine Sgt. Tamoressi
rotting in a Mexican jail?
Toxic Partisanship? Bill Clinton Says He Had It Worse,
Yet Got Things Done

A vote for Hillary is a vote for Bill cause
you know he'll be baaaaack.
Judicial Watch Obtains List of Fast and Furious
Documents Held Under Obama´s Executive Privilege

Friday's most read Must Read.
Is President Obama capable of a correction?
The horrible yet fascinating non-growth of Barack Hussein Obama
Meet the White House Canine Heroes
White House guard dogs, kicked, punched and slam
dunked got the job done.
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Washington State School Shooting –
Hormone Rage Over A Girl – Jaylen
Fryberg …and Why We Don’t
Outline School Shootings
Conservative Treehouse, by Sundance    Original Article
Posted By: earlybird- 10/25/2014 8:57:32 AM     Post Reply
Jaylen Fryberg was a 15-year-old Native American Indian boy who shot six people in his High School today.(Snip)The motive for the shooting are hormones and sexuality. A glance at Jaylen Fryberg’s social media…. (TWITTER and INSTAGRAM) …show an exceptional focus on SEX. In essence a 15-year-old going through the hormone induced instability that happens when young men are moving toward adulthood. Unfortunately, his girlfriend broke up with him a few weeks ago and his violent rage, his rampage, followed as a consequence of her affections being directed toward another person he was close with. It is exceptionally sad.

Liberals Feel Sorry for the "Lone
Wolf" Terrorists They´ve Created
Rushlimbaugh.com, by Rush Limbaugh    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 10/25/2014 8:02:18 AM     Post Reply
RUSH: We were told yesterday -- not only by Canadian authorities, but repeated by American media -- turns out to not have been totally true, folks. It´s up to me to point this out. A caller yesterday on the program -- and we had several news sources pointing out that the gunman in Canada was monitored. He was a known figure. Well, now police say that the gunman was not being "monitored." He´d been there only three weeks. "A soldier was shot and killed in a war memorial and shots were fired in Parliament before the gunman was killed." We all know

Supposed Feminist Carol
Costello Loves the Sound
of Bristol Palin Attacked
by Drunken Men
Rushlimbaugh.com, by Rush Limbaugh    Original Article
Posted By: Desert Fox- 10/25/2014 7:48:22 AM     Post Reply
RUSH: Carol Costello, my former stalker at CNN. She has a corner on the market on laughing at things. Did you hear what happened? Did you hear what she... (interruption) Yeah. And this is so classic. This is just typical. What happened was Bristol Palin, the daughter of Sarah Palin, got beat up. She basically got beat up and ended up calling the cops, and Carol Costello at CNN just thought it was the greatest news that she´d ever heard. Oh, yeah, Carol talked about this as being something that we hadn´t enjoyed in a long, long time. Here, grab audio



Ya´alon Refused Meetings
with Biden and Kerry
Arutz Sheva [Israel], by Ben Ariel    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 10/25/2014 7:46:45 AM     Post Reply
Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon was denied meetings with top American officials during his visit to the United States this week, The Associated Press (AP) reported on Friday, citing officials in Washington. While Defense Minister Moshe Ya´alon did see Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, the officials said the White House and State Department rejected Israeli proposals for meetings with Vice President Joe Biden, national security adviser Susan Rice and Secretary of State John Kerry. The officials also revealed that the Obama administration had sought to stop Ya´alon from seeing Power, but the objections were made

Mississippi Supreme Court sides with Sen.
Thad Cochran in GOP primary challenge
Associated Press, by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 10/25/2014 7:44:42 AM     Post Reply
JACKSON, Mississippi -- The Mississippi Supreme Court said Friday that it won´t revive an election challenge by a candidate who lost a Republican primary to Sen. Thad Cochran. Three justices agreed with Cochran´s attorneys, who said state Sen. Chris McDaniel waited too long to challenge Cochran´s victory in the June 24 primary runoff. A fourth justice, Michael Randolph, sided with Cochran, but for a different reason: He said courts should not be involved in deciding a political dispute over who votes in party primaries. The 4-2 Supreme Court ruling was handed down three weeks after justices heard oral arguments. Three justices did not

There’s No Place Like Utopia
FrontPage, by Mark Tapson    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 10/25/2014 7:02:03 AM     Post Reply
In the classic tale The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and friends peer behind the curtain to discover that the great and powerful Wizard of the Emerald City is not who he seems. Now in the new documentary There’s No Place Like Utopia, filmmaker Joel Gilbert sets off on a whimsical, eye-opening, occasionally animated (a lá Michael Moore), Oz-like journey of his own, skipping down the Yellow Brick Road of failed socialist promises and peeling back the curtain to reveal Barack Obama as America’s very own fraudulent Wizard. Gilbert is also the director and writer of the documentaries Dreams from My

Meet the White House Canine Heroes
White House Dossier, by Keith Koffler    Original Article
Posted By: LComStaff- 10/25/2014 6:53:13 AM     Post Reply
Here they are, the Secret Service agents who take down White House intruders and protect your president, regardless of Party. (No other text).



Ebola outbreak: Cases
pass 10,000, WHO reports
BBC News [UK], by Staff    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 10/25/2014 6:50:55 AM     Post Reply
The number of cases in the Ebola outbreak has exceeded 10,000, with 4,922 deaths, the World Health Organization says in its latest report. Only 27 of the cases have occurred outside the three worst-hit countries, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. Those three countries account for all but 10 of the fatalities. Mali became the latest nation to record a death, a two-year-old girl. More than 40 people known to have come into contact with her have been quarantined. The latest WHO situation report says that Liberia remains the worst affected country, with 4,665 deaths. Sierra Leone has had 3,896 fatalities

Is It As Close As That?
Townhall, by Erick Erickson    Original Article
Posted By: Judy W.- 10/25/2014 6:45:30 AM     Post Reply
For most of 2012, I maintained that Mitt Romney would lose to Barack Obama. Only after President Obama´s first debate did there seem to be a glimmer of hope. After that debate, polling moved in Romney´s direction. Conservatives had hope. As we now know, much of the polling in 2012 was wrong. There were some great pollsters. The IBD/TIPP poll, the Reuters/Ipsos poll, the Pew Poll, and others were spot on. But many pollsters, including the most prominent pollster of all, Gallup, were left with black eyes. After the election, Scott Rasmussen left his own eponymous polling firm. The Rasmussen poll, relied

Joan Quigley, Astrologer to a
First Lady, Is Dead at 87
New York Times, by Douglas Martin    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 10/25/2014 6:20:03 AM     Post Reply
In his 1988 memoir, Donald T. Regan, a former chief of staff for President Ronald Reagan, revealed what he called the administration’s “most closely guarded secret.” He said an astrologer had set the time for summit meetings, presidential debates, Reagan’s 1985 cancer surgery, State of the Union addresses and much more. Without an O.K. from the astrologer, he said, Air Force One did not take off. The astrologer, whose name Mr. Regan did not know when he wrote the book, was Joan Quigley. She died on Tuesday at 87 at her home in San Francisco, her sister and only immediate

Toxic Partisanship? Bill Clinton Says
He Had It Worse, Yet Got Things Done
New York Times, by Amy Chozick    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 10/25/2014 6:17:14 AM     Post Reply
President Obama heads into midterm elections in which he may face crushing losses. He has been spurned by his own party, whose candidates do not even want to be seen with him. The president’s supporters say the toxic atmosphere in Washington has made it impossible for Mr. Obama to succeed. But there is a counter view being offered by a former Democratic president that as far as personal attacks go, he, Bill Clinton, had it worse. “Nobody’s accused him of murder yet, as far as I know. I mean, it was pretty rough back then,” Mr. Clinton said last month


Is President Obama capable
of a correction?
American Thinker, by Silvio Canto, Jr.    Original Article
Posted By: JoniTx- 10/25/2014 6:09:48 AM     Post Reply
Does President Obama understand just how badly his presidency is going? Is there someone telling him or speaking frankly about these problems? My guess is that there is no one in the Obama White House who speaks bluntly and candidly. By all indications, he´s surrounded by people who scream "yes we can" every time he enters the room. A few days ago, Ron Fournier wrote an article about White House staff changes. It was very complete, including saying that President Obama needs to fire everybody and start from scratch. He needs to hire truth-tellers, business leaders, and a Republican to

HazMat team empties Ebola doctor´s
apartment WITHOUT gloves, face
masks or any protective gear
Daily Mail [UK], by Chris Spargo    Original Article
Posted By: Attercliffe- 10/25/2014 5:43:43 AM     Post Reply
The preparedness of New York City officials and workers to deal with Ebola has once again left much to be desired as a HazMat team sent in to decontaminate the apartment of Craig Spencer, the first person to contract the deadly virus in the city, was seen leaving his apartment with sealed barrels, but wearing no protective gear. The men were photographed exiting the apartment without gloves, face masks, or anything else to protect them as they loaded the barrels with possibly contaminated goods into the back of a truck. In fact, one man had something dangling out of his

The Georgetown Set
Politico Magazine, by Gregg Herken    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 10/25/2014 5:32:15 AM     Post Reply
In the autumn of 1945, with the United States and the world at peace for the first time in half a decade, the most sought-after and exclusive invitation was to one of Joe Alsop’s Sunday night suppers. Less formal than the capital’s prewar soirees, where decorum was dictated by a 1923 book, Anne Squire’s Social Washington—a veritable Robert’s Rules of Order for entertaining in the capital city—the suppers were an occasion for a close coterie of those Joe called his “tribal friends” and assorted guests to get together when their maids and cooks had the night off. Alsop, a political

The Lone-Wolf Canard
National Review Online, by Andrew C. McCarthy    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 10/25/2014 5:29:35 AM     Post Reply
In Modern Times, his sweeping history of the 20th century, Paul Johnson recounts how Einstein’s theory of relativity, a strictly scientific principle, was contorted into relativism, a loopy social phenomenon, through a permanent campaign of serpentine rhetoric. It is, as Roger Kimball explains in The Fortunes of Permanence, a classic example of how a sensible concept or term of art that helps us grasp some narrow aspect of reality can end up distorting reality when ripped from its moorings and broadly applied. Another good example is “lone wolf.” Since Thursday afternoon, newscasters have incessantly told us that the late and unlamented Zale



Mississippi high court
rejects McDaniel appeal
The Hill [DC], by David McCabe    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 10/25/2014 5:26:55 AM     Post Reply
Mississippi’s highest court dismissed a challenge to Sen. Thad Cochran’s (R-Miss.) victory in a June runoff. The challenge was brought by Chris McDaniel, his opponent in the race. The state´s supreme court ruled with the lower panel, saying that McDaniel waited to long to file the challenge. For a few weeks this summer, Cochran and McDaniel’s tight race became one of the most interesting in the country. Cochran is a longtime member of the Republican establishment in the upper chamber; McDaniel attacked him from the right — eventually forcing him into the runoff. With the nomination on the line, Cochran’s team appealed to

Democrats Join The Ferguson
Lynch Mob Right As The Case
Against Officer Wilson Collapses
Daily Caller, by David Horowitz    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 10/25/2014 5:23:06 AM     Post Reply
Everyone who hasn’t drunk the progressive Kool-Aid is aware that during elections Democrats resort to the race card to scare African Americans, for whose intelligence they have limitless contempt, into voting for them. If Republicans are elected, their propaganda claims, “black churches will burn” or the racial clock will be turned back to the era of segregation, an era that Democrats happen to have been directly responsible for. This year it’s the mythical threat white policeman allegedly pose to black youth, as Democrats and their media enablers encourage a “lynch mob” mentality — as Howard Kurtz put it recently —

Dems turn to ´Thelma &
Louise´ to kill off GOP
Washington Examiner [DC], by Paul Bedard    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 10/25/2014 5:16:29 AM     Post Reply
The Democrats are increasingly turning to feminists to help them keep the Senate in the upcoming midterm election, the latest being "Thelma & Louise" actress Susan Sarandon. She signed a MoveOn.org email Friday which charged that Republicans are just a bunch of liars that need a little push over the cliff, Thelma & Louise style. Her email: Dear fellow MoveOn member, I´m going to keep this brief because, believe it or not, I don´t really like speaking in front of large groups. And while this isn´t exactly a speech, MoveOn members are actually a pretty big crowd. Truth be told, that´s the reason I

Radio host and self-styled “People’s
Lawyer” convicted of mortgage fraud
Chicago Sun-Times, by Kim Janssen    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 10/25/2014 5:12:17 AM     Post Reply
He styled himself “The People’s Attorney” and once claimed that 3 million listeners tuned in to hear his brand of black empowerment on his nationally-syndicated radio show. But former Soul 106.3 personality Warren Ballentine is now a convicted fraudster. A federal jury took less than an hour Friday morning to find Ballentine, 43, guilty on six counts connected to a mortgage scam that bilked lenders out of $10 million. Ballentine hung his head, frowned and mouthed the word “Man” as the verdicts that could see him jailed for as long as 30 years were announced by U.S. District Judge Matthew Kennelly. It marked a

Hints of an Iran giveaway
Washington Post, by Jennifer Rubin    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 10/25/2014 5:06:27 AM     Post Reply
Our lead negotiator at the P5+1 talks, Wendy Sherman, gave a speech Thursday on the status of the negotiation. If her aim was to say nothing of any import, she almost succeeded. There were plenty of meaningless phrases and fluff. “We have made impressive progress on issues that originally seemed intractable. We have cleared up misunderstandings and held exhaustive discussions on every element of a possible text. However, like any complicated and technically complex diplomatic initiative, this is a puzzle with many interlocking pieces.” It is quite an artful way of saying we can’t get Iran to agree to stop


Terrorism as Art?
American Spectator, by Laura Genero    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 10/25/2014 5:00:43 AM     Post Reply
With exquisitely bad timing, and amid furious protests, this week the Metropolitan Opera premiered a new version of John Adams’ controversial opera, The Death of Klinghoffer. The opera focuses on the 1985 murder of a disabled American tourist, Leon Klinghoffer, by Palestinian terrorists during the hijacking of the Achille Lauro cruise ship. Klinghoffer was shot because he was Jewish; his killers forced the crew to throw his body and wheelchair overboard. Apparently, this was just the catalyst director/provocateur Peter Sellars needed to propose that composer John Adams and librettist Alice Goodman write a new opera addressing terrorism (they had previously collaborated

Race-baiting down the homestretch
Washington Times, by Deneen Borelli    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 10/25/2014 4:54:22 AM     Post Reply
Desperate times call for desperate measures, and with the possibility of Republicans gaining control of the Senate in the upcoming midterm elections, the left is resorting to jaw-droppingly despicable race-baiting tactics. From the White House to the Georgia Democratic Party, to the gutter from which Al Sharpton spins his hateful rhetoric, the Democrats’ race-baiting machine is in full gear in a furious effort to drive blacks to the polls. Because her husband’s unpopularity makes his presence politically toxic for liberal candidates, first lady Michelle Obama is traveling the country stumping for Democrats. In what is a new low for a first lady,

Many Bellevue staffers take ‘sick’
day after Ebola patient arrives
New York Post, by Jamie Schram & Larry Celona    Original Article
Posted By: MissMolly- 10/25/2014 4:49:47 AM     Post Reply
An extraordinary number of Bellevue Hospital staffers called in sick on Friday rather than treat the city’s first Ebola patient — and those who showed up were terrified to enter his isolation chamber, sources told The Post. “The nurses on the floor are miserable with a ‘why me?’ attitude, scared to death and overworked because all their co-workers called out sick,” one source said. “One nurse even went as far as to pretend she was having a stroke to get out of working there, but once they cleared her in the ER they sent her back up,” the source added. Dr. Craig Spencer

Media Should Stop Lecturing
Americans About Their Ebola Concerns
The Federalist, by Mollie Hemingway    Original Article
Posted By: StormCnter- 10/25/2014 4:45:27 AM     Post Reply
Like 98 percent of Americans, I’ve heard the news about Ebola. I’ve even followed the news with interest for months, taking seriously the media claims that this was a serious outbreak that had potential to become even more serious. And as the first cases started being flown to the United States or being discovered here, that interest developed. When the news broke that the CDC had OK’d Ebola-exposed medical workers flying on planes, it certainly made me question claims of government competency, but it still didn’t make me panic. I just flew to Chicago and back this week. I’m flying to Detroit

Coeur d´Alene Says Hitching Post
Is Exempt From Gay Rights Law
Boise State Public Radio [ID], by Jessica Robinson    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 10/25/2014 4:43:21 AM     Post Reply
The city of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, said a for-profit wedding chapel owned by two ministers doesn´t have to perform same-sex marriages. The city has been embroiled in controversy ever since the owners of the Hitching Post sued the city. They say a city anti-discrimination law threatened to force them to marry same-sex couples now that gay marriage is legal in Idaho. The story lit up conservative and gay-rights blogs. Wedding chapel owners Donald and Evelyn Knapp said they feared jail time or fines if they declined marriage services to a same-sex couple. Initially, the city said its anti-discrimination law did apply to

Republicans Are Surging
in the Prediction Markets
New York Times, by Justin Wolfers    Original Article
Posted By: Pluperfect- 10/25/2014 4:35:13 AM     Post Reply
Is there now a clear leader in the race for control of the Senate? I think so, but it really depends on whether you’re listening to the polls or the prediction markets. My fellow election-watchers at The Upshot are tuned in to the polls. As new survey numbers are released, the Upshot team eagerly feeds them into our election forecasting algorithm, which we’ve affectionately named Leo, and it crunches the numbers to figure out the odds for each side. Based on the latest data, Leo gives the Republicans a 64 percent chance to win control of the Senate. That is,

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